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Our YOUniversity

Our YOUniversity™ provides the support and guidance to transition from University into the career of Mental Health.


Our mission is to continue to provide a holistic and proactive approach to Mental Health within each Village. That support is equitable, culturally diverse and socio-economically sustainable to each community. Mém Aree’s Specialist Centre is the Governing body and
underneath that umbrella is Mém Aree’s Specialist Association.

Mém Aree’s Specialist Association Programs are:

  • Work Integrated Learning Placement
  • Principal Vocational Training Program
  •  Developed Specialist Training Program

Principal Vocational training is the entry point for Paid Vocational Training. Ongoing from this is specialist training or Developed level where the trainees work in a series of Centres in which they are supervised and mentored by appropriately qualified specialists. The combination of these training positions constitutes the Developed Specialist training program.


Australia has a responsibility to train Mental Health graduates efficiently and effectively to produce high quality vocationally trained Mental Health practitioners capable of independent and safe practice. Fundamental to the quality of Mental Health education in Australia are the Universities who are responsible for the rigorous training standards and arrangements that set the benchmark for Theoretical practice. The key to assuring a highly qualified and well-trained Mental Health workforce is the Vocational Training set in clinical environments. Mental Health Vocational Training and placement in clinical environments is an increasingly important adjunct to the University Qualifications model that has served Australia well over many years.

Each year large numbers of graduates will not be able to make the leap from study to employment in their chosen field. Employed Vocational Training is a stepping stone to Mental Health and Counselling positions with support to Mental Health Counselling specialisation if that is the Graduates eventual chosen pathway.


Mém Aree’s Specialist Association Programs offer Trainees opportunities to bring to life their ambitions to become outstanding Mental Health practitioners, thinkers and leaders, well equipped to deliver evidenced-based, patient centred prevention and care that meets the needs of their diverse community.


Mém Aree’s Specialist Association Programs prepares Graduating Trainees with the attributes required for guiding Mental Health care into the future.

Trainees are exposed to the amazing opportunities and responsibilities that are part of Mental Health careers. They are challenged to master and apply the behavioural and social sciences that build the foundation for contemporary Mental Health practice. Graduates are fully prepared with the critical thinking skills required to interpret and expand the evidence base
for practice.

Mém Aree’s Specialist Association Mental Health graduates demonstrate a commitment to care for themselves, their colleagues and all groups in the community. They demonstrate the clinical, interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills to deliver high quality Mental Health care outcomes.


The overarching Incorporation of Mém Aree’s Specialist Centre encourages YOUR Village as a priority – Yourself Others Universe Respect™ in a Village environment. This is to ensure ALL delivery of services are relevant to the community it is supporting.

This has been inspired by Gross National Happiness Centre of Bhutan’s Nine Domains towards 

  • Happiness
  • Psychological Wellbeing
  •  Health
  •  Education
  •  Time use
  • Cultural diversity and resilience
  • Good governance
  • Community Vitality
  • Ecological diversity and resilience
  • Living standards



During placement from your University you receive honorary student membership registration with Mém Aree’s Specialist Association. Your placement lasts for 10 weeks and is usually undertaken in community-based settings in YOUR Village Yourself Others
Universe Respect™.

On completing your placement and after an interview to understand/ recognize and respond to your goals, an offer may be placed with you to enter the workforce and Vocational Training as a Counsellor as well as continue as a Facilitator in YOUR Village. Your honorary student membership with Mém Aree’s Specialist Association expires upon graduation and will be rolled over to full membership if you join us as an employed Mental Health practitioner with Mém Aree’s Specialist Centre (No charge).


The Mém Aree’s Specialist Association recognizes there are qualified Counsellors who have completed their Institutionalized education but who did not perform their placement with Mém Aree’s Specialist Association. Participants wishing to commence employment in a
salaried Principal Vocational Training position with Mém Aree’s Specialist Centre must produce nationally recognized qualifications equivalent to University standards in Mental Health disciplines. This enables the Vocational Trainers access to in-house Training for
Facilitation of Mém Aree’s Specialist Centre Courses and Vocational Training pathway and support as a Counsellor in YOUR Village.


Mém Aree’s Specialist Association’s structured program supports and coordinates long-term pathways for Vocational Trainees interested in Pro-active Mental Health and Counselling careers, including specialization.

From Mém Aree’s Specialist Association settings, Vocational Trainees can acquire the skills and knowledge from learned experiences that are not generally available in conventional Training environments to help meet the standards required to become a Counsellor in the current community environment.

During Employed Vocational Training Trainees build their Mental Health knowledge and experience, develop competence and familiarity with the Australian Mental Health system and client needs. Mém Aree’s Specialist Association Programs are world-class Mental Health
vocational training programs. Trainees undertake the Facilitation of Mindfulness classes of varying ages and are exposed to a range of clinical situations and environments. This stage will inform you of your career choices by providing experience in different Mental Health
specialties, providing excellent grounding for subsequent specialist Training.

Mém Aree’s Specialist Association supports you in navigating and proactively managing the professional challenges and opportunities that present throughout your career lifecycle. Whether you are interested in career planning or making specific career decisions, we
understand challenges and concerns and are here to help.


Most graduating Counsellors spend anything from one to three years gaining clinical experience in a range of settings with greater levels of responsibility before deciding on a speciality.  This stage helps equip you with the prerequisite experience and procedural skills for entry into specialist Training. The experience of a variety of Counselling platforms is condensed for you through Mém Aree’s Specialist Association Vocational Training programs. You can then make an informed choice through experience, not guessing, which
discipline of specialization is for you.

Mém Aree’s Specialist Association recognizes a priority in areas of the Mental Health workforce that need boosting, in particular:

  • Specialities that are under-supplied within a given community.
  • Rural Training or Disaster Response
  • Generalist conscious and subconscious identification

The program is designed to improve the quality and efficiency of Mental Health clinical education and training through identification and support into specialty training and streamlining of the training experience.

Trainees gain hands on clinical experience, broaden their knowledge in a specialty area and develop their clinical and patient care skills through our centres.

All Mém Aree’s Specialist Association Programs focus heavily on placement within clinical sites domestically located close to the Trainees Community or in YOUR Village Yourself Others Universe Respect™