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Youth, Family, Workplace The goal of the mediation is to help parties overcome communication obstacles that are preventing them from working together effectively to reach their own agreements.

Duration: 50 MIN


Our Mediation and conflict resolution consultants focus on the psychology, social dynamics, and peacebuilding methodologies of interpersonal and intergroup conflicts.

We focus on core human needs and help individuals get clear on which needs they perceive as being threatened, how we might get those needs satisfied, and how to more effectively communicate with other parties involved in order to get everyone’s needs met as sufficiently as possible.

Areas of Practice

  •  Adult Family
  •  Business
  •  Community
  •  Education
  •  Employment
  •  Family
  •  Parent-Teen
  •  Partnership
  •  Restorative (Juvenile)
  •  Sexual Harassment
  •  Workplace